Fly Like a Gemstone

Erik Martinez, a gem artist from The Lion’s Den in Salmon, Idaho, sent us some flying gem objects before winging his way to Tucson, Ariz., where he’ll exhibit at the GJX (Gem & Jewelry Exchange) Hotel Arizona and the Riverpark Inn tent.

Art deco amethyst. Looking like a flying wing, this carved amethyst measures 21 mm wide × 27.5 mm in length and weighs 24.97 cts. It’s a “high dome-style” carving that took Martinez over 10 hours to complete. “I’ve always enjoyed the multiple parallel lines stacked and staggered that art deco encompasses,” he says.

Indonesian chalcedony. “I guess my love for and interest in prehistoric animals and plants was a good starting point in creating something like this,” says Martinez about this piece. Looking for some flair and whisps, Martinez appears to have found them with this natural, 18.88 ct. Indonesian orange chalcedony.