First ‘AMBER TRIP’ Slated

AMBER TRIP 2004, the First International Amber and Jewellery Show, will take place at the Vilnius Municipal Town Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania, from Feb. 28 to March 2, 2004. This exhibition was arranged by the Masmedos Prekyba Company, working in cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign businesses and cultural institutions.

This exhibition is a celebration of original amber inclusions, amber ornaments and souvenirs, glittering jewelry, and artworks.

The purpose of AMBER TRIP 2004 is to promote the cooperation and sharing of experience and information among Lithuanian and foreign exhibitors and visitors, as well as to provide attendees with an opportunity to scout for new markets and business partners.

The date of the exhibition has been chosen keeping in mind the AMBERIF exhibition opening in Gdansk on March 4. A direct flight from Vilnius to Gdansk has been arranged for the convenience of AMBER TRIP 2004 guests.

During the AMBER TRIP 2004 exhibition, seminars and conferences on amber will also be held. About 10,000 foreign visitors and over 25,000 local visitors are expected to be in attendance. Traditionally, Lithuanians have always had great interest in amber: amber museums and galleries, amber processing, souvenir and ornament manufacturing companies are located in the country, and amber sales are prospering in Lithuania. Organizers of AMBER TRIP plan to hold the exhibition annually.