Film Inspires Design

Long before its release in June, the film Moulin Rouge was generating publicity. The movie, with its high-profile star, Nicole Kidman, and its risqué fashions from the late 1800s, has inspired the fashion industry. Bloomingdale’s, for example, launched a promotion of Moulin Rouge -inspired fashions in its Manhattan store.

Jeweler Stefano Canturi of Sydney, Australia, created a piece of bodice jewelry for the film—a necklace with 1,308 diamonds totaling 134 carats. It’s a rare example of a piece of fine jewelry that was actually used on a movie set. Most movies—Titanic, for example—use fake jewelry during filming.

The necklace, named “Satine” after the character played by Kidman, features openwork lace patterns and scrolls, evoking the feel of the Louis XVI era. The stones incorporated in the necklace range from a 5-ct. emerald-cut diamond to a 2.5-ct. Sri Lankan sapphire used for the clasp. All diamonds were supplied by Rosy Blue and hand-picked by Canturi.

Canturi spent about a month designing the piece, which is crafted in 18k white gold, and took three months to produce it.

The piece was crafted to fit the star. A wire model was made from Kidman’s measurements, and she underwent regular fittings as the piece took shape.

The “Satine” necklace will tour the world for several months before being sold at Christie’s in New York in October.