This month JCK launches an ambitious effort to bring jewelry and watches to the consumer market in a new and exciting way. This initiative is a magazine titled “FACETS… for jewelry lovers and watch enthusiasts.”

For 134 years, JCK has been a driving force in the jewelry industry. This is not puffery or boasting, simply a fact: JCK has played an integral role in the development and advancement of the jewelry industry for both retail and manufacturing jewelers.

Several years ago at the AGS Conclave in Philadelphia, GIA president Bill Boyajian cataloged JCK‘s contributions to the founding of both GIA and AGS by recounting JCK‘s editorial position on jeweler education, professionalism, ethics, and standards. Later, I learned that JCK‘s editorial staff also had been instrumental in the founding and development of both the JVC and the JSA—all part of the magazine’s goal of bringing security and credibility to the industry.

In thinking about JCK‘s contributions to the industry, it occurred to me that the ultimate objective was to establish industry credibility in the mind of the ultimate consumer. After all, jewelry clients are “buying blind.” Even armed with certificates attesting to the color, clarity, and carat weight of a diamond, consumers have only surface knowledge of what they are viewing. In the end, it’s the consumer’s trust—or lack thereof—that will make or break your sale.

FACETS was introduced to the trade at The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The promotional issue contained a sampling of the type of articles planned for the magazine. The end result: a quality publication containing stunning product and photography that will speak to the consumer in a way that hasn’t been done previously. It’s a style guide, a source of information on all things pertaining to jewelry and watches. It is not a technical journal, although early consumer research reveals that people are interested in more than surface information about jewelry and watches.

In a recent survey, 65% of consumers liked the magazine enough to pay for a subscription. We know there can be a vast gap between what consumers say and what they do, but the enthusiasm expressed in the survey shows that FACETS will be filling a need no other consumer magazine comes close to satisfying.

We hope you’ll join us in this new venture by using FACETS as a tool to build your business. Retailers can use subscriptions to FACETS to communicate with key clients about jewelry and watches—and to tie them to your store. Manufacturers can use FACETS in their branding efforts. Targeted consumer marketing has worked for wine (Wine Spectator), cigars (Cigar Aficionado), golf (Golf Magazine), and automobiles (Car and Driver).

The FACETS Holiday 2003 issue will hit consumers and newsstands in mid November—just in time for holiday gift giving. For more information on how you can take part in this exciting new issue, give me a call.