Everyday Diamonds Delight Busy Mom

Kelly Annarella, 37, has a beautiful jewelry wardrobe, says retailer Penny Viau, owner of Goldtinker Jewelers. Viau should know: Annarella, the petite mother of two girls—ages 2 and 5—has been a regular customer at Viau’s store for nearly 10 years, and the jeweler knows that Annarella is particularly fond of diamonds.

Armed with this information, Viau begins the makeover.

Annarella, wearing yellow gold and diamond hoop earrings, says she tends to pick a few favorites and wear the same jewelry day to day.

Viau first steers Annarella to a case of yellow gold jewelry, which matches her hair (sandy brown with red highlights), skin tone (fair and peachy), and eye color (hazel with strong green tones). After ruling out a large cuff bracelet that spins on Annarella’s delicate wrist—sparking jokes about Wonder Woman—the retailer quickly moves her customer on to a case of yellow gold chains. Annarella discovers what Viau already realizes: She owns only one yellow gold necklace—an omega chain. She’s taken with a solid yellow 18k gold chain, but keying in on the customer’s established love of diamonds and her casual lifestyle, Viau shows her a link necklace with intermittent links of pavé diamonds—an instant hit. Remembering her customer’s penchant for sets, Viau pulls a matching bracelet out of the case, and Annarella’s eyes light up. The jeweler explains that the two pieces can be connected to make a longer chain that can be worn with the turtleneck sweaters that Annarella wears regularly.

“I like the option of making it longer,” Annarella says. “It’s a set, but it’s versatile, too.”

Armed with a necklace and bracelet, which Viau has matched to the earrings that Annarella originally wore into the store, retailer and customer move on to a case of earrings. Annarella shakes her head at one pair that “matches too much” with her bracelet and necklace, so Viau suggests diamond pavé hinged hoops that Annarella snaps up to try on.

With the entire suite put together, Annarella looks in the mirror … and her head tilts slightly to the side with a small, satisfied smile.

“That’s it, this is for her,” Viau says with a laugh. “When I see that head tilt to the side, I know it.”

Annarella nods in agreement.

“I don’t normally wear a lot of jewelry at the same time,” she says. “But this works. I would wear this with even a T-shirt or a button-down sweater.”

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