E-Commerce Meets Bricks And Mortar

IBBC of Carlsbad, Calif., which manufacturers and distributes a line of branded fine jewelry called the “E’motions Collection,” has developed an e-commerce-enhanced jewelry kiosk to sell its merchandise at jewelry retailers.

The kiosk, called the “E’motions Gallery,” is placed in a jewelry retail establishment and is designed to attract customers into the store.

The kiosk combines an e-commerce interactive element and a “touch-and-feel” element. The kiosk contains about 10% of the company’s product. Consumers can either try on merchandise in the kiosk or use a multilevel display terminal to examine the entire line. The customer can purchase a product immediately either from the retailer or online. Either way, the retailer receives a margin of the sale.

Consumers who use the display terminal also can examine the jewelry items through 360 degrees by touching the screen, virtually try on the jewelry, view informational videos about the gems and jewelry, and have items shipped anywhere in the United States.