Dyber Captures Honors in Idar Competition

Michael Dyber, famed gem artist from Rumney, N.H., took Honorable Mention in the 36th German Award for Jewellery and Precious Stones Idar-Oberstein 2005 competition. It’s the fourth time Dyber has won at Idar.

The theme for this year’s competition was “With All Senses.” Gemstone design had first priority. This year, however, part of the judging criteria was to write a statement about the entry. To comply, Dyber wrote this poem about his 74.54 ct. carving:

The finest of Citrine—to please the eye

The fluid outline—to soothe the soul

The depth of carving—to capture the mind

With all the senses welcome.

Dyber carved the 74.54 ct. citrine by hand using signature Dyber Optic Dishes and Luminaires.

For information on Dyber’s work, call (603) 744-2161 or visit www.dyber.net. For information on the competition visit www.bv-edelsteine-diamanten.de/files/schmuckpreis.htm.