Diaspark Jewel Has Software For Jewelers

Diaspark Jewel is Windows-based client server software that offers jewelers a comprehensive solution in accounting and manufacturing process. It’s generic and can be set up to suit specific business needs.

Nearly 30 companies now use Diaspark Jewel software, including Prestige Jewelry International, Rosy Blue Fine Inc., Rosy Blue Inc., Ashi Diamonds Inc., Tara and Sons, Galaxy International, Real Gems Inc., Real Creation Inc., Kashish Diamonds Inc., Diastar Inc., Genuine Gems Inc., and Jewelex Inc.

Diaspark Jewel is Web enabled and wireless enabled, ensuring that alerts can be delivered not only as mail or on-screen pop-ups but also as wireless messages. It also is RFID compliant, with tight integration between various modules and functions. For information, call (212) 972-2740.