De Beers to Pitch Three-Stone Jewelry for Christmas

De Beers is ramping up its “three-stone jewelry” campaign with a Christmastime commercial and print ad campaign.

The new ads take the “past, present, and future” positioning De Beers used for the three-stone anniversary ring and expand it to earrings and necklaces. But while the new campaign asks readers to “celebrate [their] life together” with three-stone pieces, it doesn’t mention anniversaries specifically. The thinking is that the pieces could be given for other milestone events such as weddings, graduations, the birth of a child, and significant birthdays.

“The idea of ‘past, present, and future’ makes the pieces more meaningful to the consumer,” notes Brandee Dallow, spokeswoman for the Diamond Information Center, De Beers’ U.S. public relations arm. “It’s appropriate for any momentous occasion where a couple or an individual wants to celebrate accomplishments or time spent together. Holidays are also a wonderful time, as people often are reflective of the past and looking toward the future.”

The ads feature simple pieces that could be readily ordered and designed, notes S. Lynn Diamond, director of the Diamond Promotion Service. Most of the diamonds featured in the ads are rounds, although one of the necklaces features princess-cuts, and one of the rings has emerald cuts.

“We’re putting a lot of investment behind this campaign, and we think it’s a great way to get consumers’ attention,” Diamond adds. “We need the trade to take advantage of this opportunity.”

The “three-stone” ring got some national exposure when DIC head Joan Parker appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael program and gave three-stone jewelry to women who had performed “extraordinary acts of motherhood.”