De Beers Retail Chain to Open L.A. Store

De Beers LV plans to open a retail store on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles in the fourth quarter of next year, in addition to the long-planned one in New York.

The New York store was supposed to open this year, but the opening was delayed because the previous tenant hadn’t vacated, says De Beers LV spokeswoman Joan Parker.

The chain recently opened three stores inside Tokyo department stores. The store-within-a-store concept is a common one in Japan, Parker says, and is how Louis Vuitton inaugurated its Japanese chain.

American consumers should start seeing De Beers LV advertising next year.

At present the chain has no plans for any other stores beyond its first six locations: one in London, which is open, the three in Japan, and the two upcoming in the United States.

“There is nothing else on the drawing board,” Parker says, adding, “We are not opening all these things at once because we want to learn from each experience.”