DCIT Updates BusinessMind

DCIT Corp., Ridgefield, N.J., recently announced the availability of BusinessMind for Jewelers v.3.5, an update to DCIT’s software suite. It’s available as separate BMJ products for jewelry retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Users of any BusinessMind 2002 and later software system with an active support-and-upgrade subscription can download the release free of charge from DCIT’s Web site, www.dcit.com.

BusinessMind for Jewelers offers a component-based software architecture, SQL technology, cross-platform compatibility with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and a graphical interface. It’s designed for use in large multi-location network environments as well as single-station systems.

DCIT also plans to release the SynapticDB enhancement module for the BusinessMind suite. It will allow interactive browsing of the information in a BusinessMind system through any standard Web browser. Relationships between pieces of information in the system are presented as hyperlinks, allowing users to browse complex relationships within their data by clicking links. Release is scheduled for October.

SynapticDB uses BusinessMind’s underlying SQL technology to bring data to users through a browser interface. Like BusinessMind, SynapticDB allows users to browse data from workstations running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or Solaris.

DCIT Corp. provides software and technology services for business computing on all major platforms including Linux, Windows, and MacOS X. DCIT specializes in the requirements of businesses in the global gem and jewelry industries and serves hundreds of companies. To learn more, visit www.dcit.com.