David W. Richardson, Keynote Speaker

David W. Richardson, CSP, jewelry sales and management trainer and columnist for InStore Magazine, was the keynote speaker at the Annual Congress of Master Valuer Professionals of Korea. He also delivered the commencement address to the graduates of the Master Valuer Professional School of Management and Design.

Richardson and Sang Ki Kim, executive director of Master Valuer Professionals of Korea, formed a partnership two years ago to bring sales and management skills to the Korean jewelry market. Richardson’s 550-page Leadership and Store Managers Manual was updated and translated into Korean for the program. The program was so successful that Richardson’s manual will be translated into Chinese and Cantonese to be sold to jewelers in the Peoples Republic of China and Hong Kong. In November 2004 and June/July 2005, Richardson will conduct seminars (with a translator) in five cites in China and also Hong Kong to demonstrate the critical need for sales and management training. This will be the first professional sales training program of any kind ever offered to retail jewelers in China.