In the article “Coping With Calamity” (JCK, April 2001, p. 108), a digit was left out of the phone number for retail consultant Deborah Taylor of Legg Mason. Her toll-free phone number is (877) 526-9096.

In “If It’s February, This Must Be Tucson” (JCK, April 2001, p. 124), we reported that the common opals seen at Out of Our Mines, Arcata, Calif., were from Chile. They actually came from the Acarí mine in Arequipa, Peru. Also, Judith Whitehead’s business is located in Tucson, not San Francisco.

In “The Envelope, Please” (Gem Notes, JCK, April 2001, p. 44), a photograph of the late Antonio Bonanno and C.R. “Cap” Beasley, winner of the Antonio C. Bonanno Award for Excellence in Gemology, did not appear. The photo, taken at a 1993 gala honoring Bonanno, is shown below.