The article “Bad Appraising Lands Good Jeweler in Court” (JCK, January 2001, p. 128) stated that an appraisal by Joseph Tenhagen failed to set forth the “purpose, function, or intended use.” In fact the appraisal did contain those requirements as ethically required in any appraisal. JCK regrets the error. While it was not our purpose to impugn Mr. Tenhagen’s work or reputation, we continue to stand by the overall purpose of the article, which was to underscore the importance of clarity and specificity in obtaining a jewelry appraisal to ensure that the valuation obtained is useful to the purposes for which it is acquired.

A recent Fashion Facets item titled “New and Noteworthy: Envelove” (JCK, February 2002, p. 73) identified Barry Potter as the designer for Roba Design in Aventura, Fla. A letter from Mr. Potter notes, “There was only one little problem with the article. My wife, Robbi Potter, is the designer, not me.” JCK regrets the error.