Shuly Assuline and Lori Gyl Mahler were the winners of the 1995 JA Jewel Award. Mahler, of Jamms, New York, won in the women’s jewelry category for her Counterpoint necklace of 14k green and white gold with princess-cut diamonds suspended by three rows of bead chain. Assuline, of Mdviani, New York, designed the Multi-Passion ring, a men’s reversible band of 18k gold and platinum, adorned with diamonds. First and second runners-up in the women’s category were Virginia Pellegrino of Florida-based Sal Praschnik Inc. and Jody Serago of Jody Serago Designs in New Jersey. First and second runners-up in the men’s category were Mahler and Serago, respectively.

Alexandria Moseley received a ribbon designating her the New Designer of the Year at the July JA International Jewelry Show in New York City. Her works feature handmade 18k gold worked in the ancient technique of repouss. She can be reached at 14 E. Fourth St., Suite 1126, New York, N.Y. 10012; (212) 387-9351.