Jewelers of America has unveiled a site on Internet’s World Wide Web.

Consumers can use the site to view brochures, product and buying information on gold, diamonds, pearls, platinum, colored stones and other jewelry topics. In addition, they can obtain the names of the JA member jewelers closest to them.

In the future, JA plans to offer links to other jewelry associations and member jewelers’ sites on the Internet.

Users can access the JA site at its temporary URL (universal resource location): The permanent URL will be and should be available by press time. Jewelers of America, 1185 Ave. of the Americas. 30 Fl., New York, N.Y. 10036; (212) 768-8777.


Jean-Franois Albert of JFA Designs, an award-winning jewelry designer, has now designed a personal computer screen-saver program for jewelers who are tired of flying toasters (one of the scenes in the After Darktrademark screen-saver software).

Called the JFA JEWEL-SAVERtrademark, the software features JFA-designed jewelry that fades every 10 seconds of still time.

JFA Designs, 125 E. Baker St., #260, Costa Mesa, Cal. 92626; (714) 549-3844.


A new version of the GIA-Net software is available from the Gemological Institute of America.

GIA offers complimentary connection software (student or guest) that installs and runs on MS Windows or DOS, and basic on-line access that costs nothing but the phone call. A fee is charged for full subscriber access.

New features include enhanced graphics, the ability to use a mouse while on-line, a GIA diamond dictionary, multiple-channel chat functions, abstracts from the quarterly journal Gems & Gemology, on-line shopping services, and gem- and jewelry-related software and files.

Also available is a “direct mail” option that allows you to send mail to GIA’s departments and ask questions of the library.

GIA-Net, Gemological Institute of America, P.O. Box 2110, Santa Monica, Cal. 90404; (800) 421-7250 or (310) 829-2992, ext. 344.


The Video ScopeCam System from Danley Trading Corp. mounts onto a jeweler’s microscope to show diamonds and gemstones on a TV monitor.

Jewelers and gemologists can use the technology to show customers the internal characteristics of any gemstone without loupes, tweezers or passing the microscope to the potential buyer. The “larger than life” picture creates a dramatic selling presentation and can be used also for staff training, window displays, lectures and at the repair and appraisal counter. With a video recorder or printer, you can make a permanent record of any item.

ScopeCam fits in the palm of the hand and works on standard household current or batteries (available separately). The black/white system is $595, the color system is $995.

Danley Trading Corp., 2901 Long Beach Rd., Suite Three, Oceanside, N.Y. 11572; (800) 227-2079 or (516) 766-3406, fax (516) 764-3362.


Deep Discount Network now lists Gordon Bros.’ fine jewelry liquidation inventories.

Through this service, Gordon Bros. can sell its own jewelry or buy excess stock from other companies. “We feel that DDN’s on-line marketplace will enhance our 92-year reputation as a quality leader in the fine jewelry business as well as generate new business opportunities,” says Mike Leibowitz, closeout buyer for the company’s Product Acquisition Department.

DDN is an electronic marketplace that lists discounted and surplus merchandise. It uses a client-server architecture and incorporates MCI Corp.’s packet switching network to send information digitally. The company features search, retrieval and communications capabilities in a Microsoft Windowstrademark environment and requires a personal computer, modem and DDN’s software.

Deep Discount Network, 1939 Newark-Granville Rd., Granville, Ohio 43023; (800) 434-2798.


Visual Technology now offers digital photography to the jewelry industry.

The company’s photographers take a digital photograph of the jewelry and place it onto the hard disk of a computer. The image can be seen on-screen for retouching, color correcting, cropping or the addition of various effects. The photographs then can be inserted into sales brochures, newsletters, annual reports, books, magazines or other types of electronic medium, such as the Internet.

Visual Technology, 1035 Temple Rd., Pottstown, Pa. 19465-7358; (610) 970-1577, fax (610) 970-1614.


Bluegem’s Gemsoft Treasure 2.3 is a jewelry management software package that runs under Microsoft Windowstrademark on IBM-compatible computers.

The customer database is set up so you can print mailing labels in batch or single mode based on criteria such as contacts, birthdays, cities, states or ZIP code. You also can monitor customer purchases, credit histories and balances.

Other features include a Main Inventory database that allows you to search for specific items, a bar-

coding feature that allows you to print price tags with the push of a button, accounts payable and receivable, general ledger balance sheet, invoicing, sales orders and memos, reports based on specific orders and automatic appraisal printing.

For more information, contact Bluegem, 650 S. Hill St., #G6-G7, Los Angeles, Cal. 90014; (800) 804-4367 or (213) 614-8646.


SourceMate Information Systems Inc. has released Premiere Job Cost software, an upgraded module for its AccountMate Premiere accounting software.

The module enables users to create job estimates and job orders by computer. It can be used as a stand-alone module or, when integrated with other modules, can function as a comprehensive job management/ contract service that tracks inventory, creates billing for customers, handles receivables and distributes inventory and payroll costs to each job.

It also includes a new user interface, on-line help, “real time” reports and date-sensitive transfer.

The cost is $595 for single-user programs and $795 for multiuser systems. Custom modification options are available for an additional $400.

SourceMate Information Systems Inc., 20 Sunnyside Ave., Mill Valley, Cal. 94941; (415) 381-1011, fax (415) 381-6902.


The latest POShoeRegistered systems from Indiana Cash Drawer Co. are designed to accommodate Epson 930 and 950 point-of-sale printer models. The systems, which house the point-of-sale components, allow organization, reduced cable clutter and minimized footprint benefits.

The POShoe I-019 uses an Indiana Cash Drawer SLD2120POS, Cherry keyboard, Ultimate Technology customer display, Axion 9″ color or monochrome monitor and Spectra SP400 laser scanner.

The POShoe I-020 provides a foundation for a system consisting of an Indiana Cash Drawer SLD2120POS, Cary keyboard, Ultimate Technology customer display, Axion 9″ color or monochrome monitor and Spectra SP400 laser scanner.

Eight additional models housing a wide variety of components are also available. Indiana Cash Drawer Co., 1315 S. Miller St., Shelbyville, Ind. 46176; (800) CASH DRW.


The Red Herring, a Woodside, Cal., trade publication devoted to investment, finance and technology strategies, opened HerringOnline on the World Wide Web, reports Folio magazine. The service is designed to allow investors to upload information on new, developing companies, and to access The Red Herring’s database. “We want to be known as the private company analyst for technology and entertainment companies,” said Anthony Perkins, publisher and editor in chief of The Red Herring.

HerringOnline also offers material from other on-line services and newsletter publishers. Future plans call for selling links to advertiser’s sites at additional cost.

The project is a partnership between Flipside Communications, Red Herring’s parent company, and Poppe Tyson, an advertising and public relations firm. Subscription fees are based on data accessed, full access being $45 per month.

Perkins feels trade publishers have a good opportunity on the Internet. “At the end of the day on-line services will end up having a practical application.” says Perkins. “People won’t spend a lot of time on entertainment.”