Color Craft to Certify Colored Gemstones

Color Craft of New York is introducing a new line of jewelry featuring only certified natural-color colored gemstones. Each piece will be accompanied by a gemological report from the American Gem Trade Association’s Gem Testing Center.

Bill Jobbins, general manager of Color Craft, says the program was created because of recent events within the colored-gem industry. “With the tanzanite situation and the new heat-treated corundum coming out of Bangkok, we felt that it was extremely important for retailers to have lab reports describing their stones,” he explains. “In this new program, we will not have any heated stones and only a minimum of enhancement for emeralds. Diamonds aren’t the only rare and certifiable gems. With everything that’s happening, I feel that top-quality precious stones have an even greater need for a lab report.”

Jobbins also notes that Color Craft is targeting better independent jewelers, to help promote finer-quality colored gems. “Having an unenhanced natural ruby or sapphire, or an emerald with only minimal enhancement, identified by the lab, gives the jewelry added value without added cost and is a way to educate the customer [about] the value of having such a rare and beautiful stone,” he says.

The program coincides with AGTA’s new consumer confidence program. According to AGTA’s market research, consumers feel more confident when purchasing gemstone products that are accompanied by an independent lab report.

Initially, Color Craft will certify only the big three—ruby, sapphire, and emerald—but it’s developing plans to include other gemstones and diamonds. For more information, contact Bill Jobbins at (212) 840-1924, ext. 117.

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