Changes for the JCK Show ~ Las Vegas

The management of The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas has announced that it will implement numerous enhancements to augment the Show experience. According to vice president Dave Bonaparte, the Show’s Advisory Board identified three general areas that needed “fine tuning”—ambience, exhibitor and attendee amenities, and the way in which attendees navigate the Show.

Improvements will include a fresh new décor employing the “boulevard concept”—widening many aisles and facilitating improved navigation for buyers. The wider aisles will allow additional seating areas with tables and chairs for doing business and networking. The number of cafés will be increased, and the addition of “relaxation lounges” will give weary show-goers a place to unwind with a professional massage. In addition, the air conditioning system will be upgraded for the 2003 event, with fresh flowers and piped-in background music creating a lush and relaxing atmosphere.

Concierge services will be available in each of the cafés and lounges, offering information on the Show and the city and assisting with reservations. In-booth waiter service will be available for exhibitors, allowing them to spend more time with vendors and customers. Other exhibitor services will include in-booth security programs and dedicated customer-service specialists.