‘Catalog in Motion’ Show Draws a Crowd

Rio Grande’s 16th annual “Catalog in Motion” showcase of tools and equipment was held during the Tucson Gem & Mineral show in February 2003. The expanded educational opportunities—including on-site jewelry-making classes and live presentations by professional jewelers’ schools—attracted hundreds of show-goers.

The continuing strong interest in live presentations encouraged Rio Grande to expand the show’s emphasis on offering more than products. The “Education in Motion” programs provided free bench demonstrations in jewelry techniques, stone-setting, bead- and bright-cutting, marketing for jewelers, and time-saving bench tips. Demonstrations were projected onto a large screen, allowing audience members a clear view of what the instructor was doing while they listened to a real-time description of the work being done. The programs were provided by five nationally accredited institutions: Conner Jeweler’s Institute, Metalwerx, The New Approach School for Jewelers, the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, and Wolf Designs.

In addition, more than 1,000 tool and equipment items were spread out across 5,000 sq. ft. of show space, continually powered up and operating for show-goers to see and use.

For more information, e-mail marketing@tbg.riogrande.com or visit www.cataloginmotion.com.