Calnon Returns to World Gold Council

After a five-year absence, John Calnon is returning to the World Gold Council. He has been appointed senior vice president, jewelry, Americas, with responsibility for the overall direction of the WGCs jewelry programs in North America, Mexico, and Brazil.

Michael Barlerin, WGC corporate director for the Americas, said in a statement, “John was instrumental in the development and implementation of our highly successful U.S. jewelry programs during the 1990s. To have him back at a time when we are again focusing on stimulating jewelry demand, especially in the United States, is fortunate for both the WGC and the gold jewelry community.”

Calnon spent the past five years at television shopping retailer QVC where, as vice president of jewelry, he helped the organization achieve dramatic growth in jewelry sales. “During my years at QVC,” he said, “I gained insights into the importance of branding, new product development, consumer education, and how to romance the products we sell. I look forward to working with Rick Bannerot, Duvall O’Steen, and other members of the WGC team to build on gold’s strong performance last year and am very excited about the programs we will soon introduce to the U.S. market.”

The World Gold Council, headquartered in London, is an association of the world’s leading gold mining companies. Its primary mission is to stimulate demand for gold in all its forms.