Business Leaders Scheduled to Address AGS Conclave

The 2004 American Gem Society International Conclave, to be held March 31 through April 3 in Atlanta, has scheduled powerful business leaders to provide presentations to attendees.

Michael Gerber will provide the opening luncheon keynote address. Documented in his mega-best seller The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About it, Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Point of View provides those typically enslaved by a business with a way out of what he calls “the tyranny of routine.” The E-Myth describes how to rise above the tyranny of routine and build a flourishing, exciting, innovative business.

Howard Putnam, former CEO of Southwest Airlines will present the keynote address during the closing session luncheon. As the former CEO of the highly successful Southwest Airlines, he led the fledgling carrier through airline deregulation, development and implementation of the “vision” that has guided Southwest over the past 20 years. During his time at Southwest, he and his team tripled revenues and tripled profitability in three years. Putnam led the visionary process at Southwest and further developed the “fun” culture and excellent customer service that it is still known for today.

An award-winning expert on quality and customer service, Ron Rosenberg will provide two 90-minute presentations during Conclave. The class, “Double Your Memory in 90 Minutes,” will deliver strategies and tools to increase one’s memory. Rosenberg works closely with organizations, both nationally and internationally, to help improve performance and effectiveness and is the author of Breaking Out of the Change Trap, a practical guide for organizational change. His upcoming book, Take Charge of the Things that Drive You Nuts, shows individuals and companies how to get the service they deserve.

Maurice Tempelsman, chairman of the board of directors of Lazare Kaplan International Inc., and senior partner in the firm of Leon Tempelsman & Son, will present the keynote address during the Robert M. Shipley Award Luncheon. Tempelsman is a fitting choice as speaker for the event because he has proven his commitment to the professionalism and integrity of the jewelry trade through his philanthropic involvement in noteworthy organizations throughout the world.

For more information on Conclave speakers, please call AGS headquarters at (702) 255-6500.