Bridal Jewelry Trends Now

Three-stone rings

Colored stones

Classic engagement ring styles


Two-tone metals

Love grows. So do diamond prices. In 1999, Engagement ring prices increased 13.2% and sales increased 12.1%.

Bright brides know their stuff. In 1999, 71% of brides knew about the “four Cs” of buying a diamond, and 60% were aware of the two months’ salary guideline.

Engagement rings and holiday gifts are not the same. In 1999, 74% of brides received a diamond engagement ring. Coincidentally, 15% of those rings were purchased in December, the biggest holiday season of the year and consistently the most popular month for buying a diamond.

Round rocks, still the ones. In 1999, 56% of brides chose a round brilliant diamond for their engagement ring. Next in popularity was the marquise cut, winning over 24% of brides.

Source: Diamond Information Center