Another Diamond/Designer Partnership

Following the lead of Escada and Vera Wang—jewelry brands teamed with diamond sightholders—Verragio has announced a partnership with E. Schreiber.

The resulting “Verragio Diamond Collection” features diamonds of all shapes from .75 ct. and up, set in Verragio’s platinum settings.

Each diamond in the collection will come with a GIA report and a unique Verragio “Beauty Certificate,” which includes analysis of the gemstone’s brilliance, fire, and sparkle.

After analyzing GIA and industry research, E. Schreiber and Verragio concluded that “the final visual observation and evaluation determine optimal balance of brilliance, fire, and sparkle of a diamond,” Ben Moller, a partner in E. Schreiber, said in a statement. “We evaluate the beauty of the diamond through each step of the cutting process, and only those that pass our beauty standards will be selected to be part of the Verragio Diamond Collection.”

The collection will be a significant part of Verragio’s ongoing national bridal jewelry advertising program, as seen in major fashion and bridal magazines.

This is the first time Verragio has teamed with a major diamond manufacturer for a branded marketing initiative.