Another Boost for Gold Jewelry

With fashion demanding gold accessories, and the World Gold Council’s worldwide marketing push helping to drive media exposure of the warm metal, new players are hoping to capitalize on consumer demand for gold jewelry.

In a demonstration of the changing nature of this industry, a new consumer Web site and direct-to-consumer catalog was launched recently by an unusual triumvirate. The worldwide debut of was backed by AngloGold, PAMP (the world’s largest private gold refiner), and J.P. Morgan Chase. AngloGold, the world’s largest gold mining company, leads the venture. follows AngloGold’s venture into the fashion arena in 2000, when the company sponsored an African gold jewelry contest and showed the couture creations on fashion runways during New York’s prestigious Fashion Week. The Web site and catalog feature designs by the same award-winning African designers.

Products range from simple gold hoop earrings and men’s jewelry to over-the-top necklaces of cascading gold coins and limited-edition plates of flexible gold mesh that are worn as body jewelry.