AGS Receives $90K Research Grant

The American Gem Society (AGS) has received a $90,000 grant from the JCK Group to support Conclave education and the organization’s diamond cut grade research for fancy shapes.

The goal of the AGS Fancy Shape Cut Grade research project is to refine the AGS Diamond Cut Grading system based upon new knowledge of diamond optics and performance in relation to diamond beauty. (See “Cut From the Same Cloth,” p. 114.) To date, the organization has made significant progress in research regarding fancy cut shapes as well as the ability to cut-grade the Round Fancy Brilliant Cut. The project, under the direction of AGS Laboratories director Peter Yantzer, includes a designated task force of industry experts.

The AGS International Conclave, an annual membership gathering, offers comprehensive educational sessions that cover gemology, industry trends, and useful business information taught by authorities in the industry. The curriculum is designed to convey the maximum amount of information in a condensed period of time.

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