AGS Laboratories launches Collateral Campaign

AGS Laboratories has launched a new marketing collateral program featuring four complementary pieces to help promote its Diamond Grading Documents to both consumers and the trade. The pieces include an eight-page “Lab Brochure,” two consumer-focused tri-folds and a Products and Services List.

The Lab Brochure provides an overview of the lab’s history, products, and services. The brochure’s centerfold illustrates the components of the Diamond Quality Document (DQD), which retailers can use to inform their customers about a stone’s AGS Laboratories diamond document, or train their sales team on using the DQD as a selling tool.

The two tri-folds target consumers. The DQD tri-fold mirrors the general brochure’s centerfold and provides additional emphasis on the document’s benefits to the consumer.

The Products and Services piece highlights the advantages of the DQD, the Diamond Quality Report, and the Diamond Consultation, as well as the lab’s laser inscription services and its Preferred Clients Program. This new piece is designed specifically for the trade and provides an introduction to those less familiar with the benefits offered by AGS Laboratories.

To request copies of the lab’s new collateral pieces, e-mail:, or call (702) 233-6120, ext. 1110.