Affordable Celebrity Fashion

Sex and the City and its star Sarah Jessica Parker have become nothing short of fashion icons, forging new fashion trends simply by wearing an item during an episode of the television series.

In jewelry, the diamond horseshoe pendant is perhaps the strongest example of fashion following celebrity. But given the divide between the new economy’s frowning on frivolity and Parker’s character’s penchant for pricey, high-end merchandise, fashion seemed the likely casualty.

Jewelry manufacturers like OTC International, however, are looking to continue promoting fashion by making trends financially accessible. The Long Island City jewelry company has taken designer Yaacov Agam’s 18k gold “Beating Heart” pendant, which has been worn by Parker’s Sex and the City character, and created it in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold. In contrast to the thousands of dollars usually required to purchase an authentic look from the show, these “Beating Heart” necklaces retail for $99 to $999.