A ‘Watchable’ Champion

How does tennis champion Venus Williams plan to celebrate her triumphs in winning her first Wimbledon tennis title on July 8, plus the women’s doubles with her sister the next day? Take a trip to Disney World? Visit Paris? Buy a sports car? No, the 20-year-old tennis star told reporters in England and the United States that she plans to celebrate by buying “a fine watch.”

She repeated that in a July 12 interview on NBC’sToday show. Interviewer Matt Lauer noted that Williams’s take-home winnings from the 2000 Wimbledon championship came to about $750,000.

“Is there anything special you’re going to splurge your winnings on,” he asked the young sports champion.

‘I’d like to get a watch,” she replied.

“A watch?” asked Lauer, a bit incredulous.

“Yes,” said Williams. “A gold watch-but a nice one!”

Sounds like a ready-made marketing opportunity for a luxury watch brand or jeweler.