A Taste for Platinum Delicacies

Sure, platinum is pure, rare, and eternal. By now, everyone in the trade has heard this mantra of the Platinum Guild International, and any retailers who haven’t recognized platinum’s power in the bridal category are surely in a time warp. While stocking a selection of platinum bridal jewelry has become a no-brainer over the last decade, many overlook platinum’s strength when selling fashion jewelry.

The benefits of the metal’s strength are particularly evident when it comes to crafting interesting designs. Platinum allows designers to take their creations beyond what may be possible in other metals, allowing platinum jewelry to be not only lustrous and fine but also innovative and strong. While the metal’s strength is already a selling point for bridal jewelry, retailers should celebrate its properties in selling fashion jewelry, too. Those who overlook it might be sacrificing not only strength and substance but also profits.

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