A Stretch of Eternity

Everything is a stretch today, at least in the fashion sense. When textile engineers began integrating a slight touch of Lycra into traditionally non-stretch fabrics more than a decade ago, apparel designers responded by designing clothes that fit much closer to the body. Women everywhere embraced the new fabrics almost immediately—no more hiding in baggy, oversized clothes, and no need to forego one’s favorite dessert or hold one’s breath to shimmy into a tight suit. Even on a “fat day,” the suit still fits!

Now the same technology has come to the jewelry industry. Baguette World of Los Angeles introduces “B-Flex,” a new line of stretchable diamond eternity rings set in white gold. The B-Flex eternity bands stretch to fit over knuckles or to accommodate variations in ring size due to seasonal body changes, weight fluctuations, or even travel or too much salt. But once on the finger, the stretch is invisible, as the ring returns to its original size to hug the finger in a diamond embrace.

B-Flex bands, which will debut at The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas, are available with single, double, or triple rows of diamonds. Suggested retail prices range from $2,000 to $15,000. For retailers, a custom display and cobalt-blue suede and cherrywood packaging are available to support the line and build brand awareness at the retail level.

B-Flex bands by Baguette World, Los Angeles; (800) 432-3222 or (213) 627-5111, e-mail: contact@baguetteworld.com.