A Sparkling Reminder

Food for thought: Apparently, jewelry can help reveal the “fashionable side to breastfeeding,” according to the trendy FreshBaby.com. The Web site has launched a new line of bejeweled “side-minders,” dubbed Mama Jewels, for breastfeeding moms.

Incorporating Swarovski crystals with glass and sterling silver beads, available in four colors, the comfortable memory-wire design fits easily around most bra straps. Women simply move the Mama Jewels from left to right so they never forget which breast to begin each feeding on. According to FreshBaby.com, the jeweled styles also can be worn on belt-loops, tank tops, or swimsuits and saved as a memento when the mom is no longer breastfeeding.

According to a company statement, “Mama Jewels make a fashionable statement about the benefits and beauty of breastfeeding. The jewelry also works to increase women’s self-esteem during a time when they generally don’t feel they look their best.”

“Gone are the days of using safety pins as makeshift reminders; Mama Jewels are symbolic of the beauty of breastfeeding,” says Fresh Baby’s co-founder and president Cheryl Tallman.

For information, visit www.myfreshbaby.com.