A Serious Move for Lighthearted Links

Links of London, the world- renowned 15-year-old jeweler that specializes in whimsy and makes a virtue of eccentricity, has unveiled a collection that departs slightly from its playful roots. The Annoushka collection, which features five subcollections (Annoushka Ruby, Czar, Petrovna, Annoushka Silver, and Moskova), pays tribute to the Russian heritage of founder and creative director Annoushka Ducas. She calls the collection an “emotional journey,” explaining that ruble pendants in the line resemble one that belonged to her mother, and that Annoushka’s Russian crosses resemble a special one given to Ducas after an aunt died.

The new line is also more serious in terms of materials. “Most people wouldn’t expect us to use rubies, gold, and diamonds, but our customers are very open to buying those forms of jewelry from us, and that comes with maturity in brand,” says Ducas about the gradual shift from Links the silversmith to present-day Links, a purveyor of all precious metals, and a firm where 65 percent of sales come from women’s jewelry.

Humor will always be deep-rooted in the company, but consumers may interpret recent creations differently. That’s the case with Links’s new Sweetie bracelets, which are alternatives to charm bracelets and are fashioned after nostalgic candy bracelets. Although they probably won’t induce wall-shaking belly laughs, they’re sure to prompt plenty of smiles. As Ducas says, “Humor is part of the DNA of the brand.”