A Precious Message

In times of crisis, confusion, or uncertainty—whether political, social, or economic—people search for meaning and connection with others. This fall’s terrorist attacks spurred an outpouring of patriotism and compassion among Americans. In the aftermath of the terrible events of Sept. 11, many embraced not only their loved ones but also their own beliefs and ideals in a much more powerful way. And fine jewelry once again has assumed its important role as a means of expression.

Always a sentimental symbol, jewelry communicates emotions toward another person as well as one’s own personal feelings. When it comes to fashion, personal expression will be a driving force in the year to come. Already, fashion editors are talking about individual fashion as a form of self-expression and freedom.

Message jewelry, therefore, takes on a much greater role. While lockets, engagement rings, and charm bracelets are traditional favorites in this category, designers and manufacturers offer jewelers an impressive array of nontraditional message jewelry.