A Pearl Exhibit at New York Museum

The American Museum of Natural History in New York City will open its “Pearls” exhibit on Oct. 13. According to Michael Walker, spokesperson for the event, the pearl show will be the most comprehensive exhibit ever presented on the organic gem.

The exhibit will cover major pearl themes, including the history of natural pearls, the science of pearl growth, the use of pearls in weaving and art, the pearl in literature, and of course, its use in jewelry. Jewelers and jewelry lovers will appreciate the exhibit’s focus on the pearl used in decorative arts—such as objets d’art —and fashion. Glamorous jewelry will be on display, including pearls worn by royalty.

The exhibit was organized by the Museum of Natural History and Chicago’s Field Museum and was made possible through the support of the Tasaki-Shinju Co. Ltd. After its New York run, which ends April 14, 2002, the show will travel to Chicago, where it’s scheduled to open at the Field Museum on June 28, 2002.