A Necklace for any MOOD SWING

The rise and fall of the Y necklace, followed by the reincarnation of a million chandelier-style designs, has set the stage for a modern classic: the lariat.

Despite its steadfast role in the history of American fashion (think “cowgirls”), the lariat offers a fresh, modern look. Perhaps its best quality is adaptability. Every lariat necklace comes with options for wearing that range from daring drops down a bare-backed dress to short, double-wrapped classic looks to accompany the blouses and knits of both the casual and working worlds. The style is popular in sterling silver, offering an attractive price point for fashionable jewelry appealing to younger consumers and self-purchasers. But at the same time, more upscale designers and manufacturers are offering the look in diamonds, gems, pearls, platinum, and high-karat gold.

Regardless of whether the look is daring or demure, a lariat is a necklace that swings easily to meet the mood of the moment.