3 Questions for…Fast-Fix’s Gerry Weber

Fast-Fix, the Boca Raton, Fla.–based jewelry retailer and servicer, marks its 30th anniversary this year. New CEO Gerry Weber (pictured), originally recruited as a consultant, talks about invigorating the brand. 


How do you view the repair business in the context of the larger jewelry industry? 

Weber: We provide a solution to our customers’ problems, be it ring resizing, stone resetting, watch repairs, watch-battery replacement, engraving services, eyeglass-frame repair, cellphone screen replacement, etc. With many traditional jewelry stores not providing many of these services, we fill a need in the marketplace. We have wonderful working relationships with the jewelry stores and department store jewelry departments in the malls we operate in.


What are the big opportunities for a business such as yours?

Weber: Growth, through existing franchisees opening additional locations and through new franchisees. We are also exploring nontraditional locations.


How has bringing back founder Mark Goldstein bettered the company? 

Weber: He reminds us that service is at the core of our business. He also brings his passion for the business, which is felt by our prospective franchisees.