10 Ways to Boost Impulse Buying Without Discounting

In a recent JCK survey, 40% of jewelers said they weren’t “good” at encouraging customers to make impulse purchases. The 60% who claimed to be skilled at inspiring impulse purchases offered the following suggestions:

  • Show new merchandise to customers as soon as it comes in, and encourage them to try pieces on.

  • Compare the cost of shoes and handbags to the price of the jewelry. Sophisticated women will realize the difference is minimal.

  • Position your watch or repair department in the rear of the store so customers coming in for repairs will pass your showcases several times.

  • Show custom-made pieces to customers to spark gift ideas.

  • Display excitement and enthusiasm—about your products, your customers, and your customers’ needs.

  • Show add-on items and accessories for customers’ purchases.

  • Remind customers that designer pieces truly are one of a kind—they can’t simply be reordered.

  • Place merchandise on customers or hand them items to try on.

  • Encourage customers to lay away items for the holidays.

  • Show jewelry that complements customers’ coloring, such as emeralds for redheads, and items that match what they’re wearing.