Your Customers Might Like You More If They Knew What Causes Your Company Supports

What causes does your company support? How can you create more loyal customers by more effectively communicating what causes your company supports? Studies consistently report that more than four out of five consumers have a more positive image of a company, brand or product if they value the causes the company supports. Nearly nine of out ten American consumers say it is beneficial for companies to be involved in causes and to communicate that in their marketing communication messages. Over eighty per cent of customers say that the causes a company supports can improve the company’s image and over ninety per cent want companies to tell them what causes they support.
The most important reason to communicate to customers what causes your jewelry company supports is because eight of ten customers say they will switch to a supplier who they feel has a more worthy cause that they support. Looking for an effective way to differentiate your offering? When quality and price offered by suppliers are perceived by customers to be the equal; most customers will be influenced to buy from a company that supports causes they value. This could be a major win for retail jewelers who often are challenged with ways to win the business from shoppers who are doing comparative shopping.
Four out of five consumers say they are more inclined to refer companies that support causes they find to be commendable. The number is even higher for younger consumers. If your company is looking for a way to more effectively differentiate your company, brand and product offerings consider cause marketing.  

Are you looking for a way to improve how to more effectively differentiate your company, brand and product offerings with customers? Don’t just donate funds to worthy causes. Do a better job of commuicating to customers what causes the company supports. The best definition of public relations I have heard is PR (performance realized). What sort of PR programs might you develop and implement to better inform customers of the causes your company supports?

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