Yes! Earrings to Wear with the Latest Styles in Eyewear

By Cynthia Sliwa


One of the most frequent questions I receive is whether an eyeglasses wearer can also wear earrings. Caroline and I initially addressed this in our April 13th blog. As we discussed there, the more colorful or dominant the eyeglasses are, the more they need to be a factor in the choice of earrings.


Eyewear styles right now are attention grabbers. They are bold statement pieces. Many of the chic designer styles have dark frames and strong, sleek design lines. The side pieces of the glasses are often wide and sometimes decorated with crystals or brand logos. This style of eyewear makes such a strong statement that delicate earrings can get lost entirely if worn with them. And large, ornate earrings can look just plain wrong.


How, then, to add adornment to the ears?


At a seminar recently, one of my fellow classmates was sporting a pair of these strong-lined eyeglasses. What caught my attention, however, was her outstanding choice in earrings. Let’s take a look:

What Katie has done here is found a way to wear significant earrings along with her bold eyeglasses. Why does this combination work so well?


First, design. The earrings are large enough to hold their own against the eyeglasses, yet they don’t conflict with the sleek style of the eyewear because there is a consistency of design that allows the pieces to work together.


Second, color. The earrings are in a hue very close to the color of Katie’s hair. The eye sees her hair and earrings working together to frame her face. The color of the earrings is dark but neutral because it matches her hair color.


Third, hierarchy of attention. The earrings, as large and as dark as they are, allow the lighter eyeglass frames to take center stage. The earrings don’t fight for attention. They play a supporting role to what Katie has chosen to be the most attention-getting part of her look.


Not everyone can carry off this style. Katie has a relatively narrow jaw and a long neck, features that give her the physical space in which to wear large dangling earrings. What are some other options that will work with these eyeglasses?


The customer who sports center-stage eyeglasses might consider hoop earrings of whatever size and shape are most pleasing. Hoops as sleek in design as the eyewear will work well. 


Not only hoops but other sleek styles of earrings of various sizes might be considered. Look for colors that coordinate with the eyewear or the customer’s hair color. The new brown or chocolate gold, for example, may provide an interesting option.


Simply designed stud earrings are another excellent choice, as they don’t interfere with the design elements of the woman or her eyeglasses. Especially if the glasses are adorned with crystals, what could be finer than a simple pair of diamond stud earrings?


Today’s Jewel

Don’t assume that the woman wearing bold, attention-getting eyeglasses can’t or won’t wear earrings. Indeed, she may need to expand her jewelry wardrobe to accommodate her style of eyewear.


If you customer is looking for earrings that will work with her bold eyeglass frames, look for earrings in sleek designs and colors that coordinate with the eyewear and the customer’s own coloring. Hoops and studs can be excellent choices and can serve as key components of a stylish customer’s jewelry wardrobe.






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