Yantzer to explain AGS cut grade at JCK Show

JCK Show ~ Las Vegas 2003 attendees will have the opportunity to learn the numerous components behind the American Gem Society cut grading system in a free educational session “Understanding AGS Cut Grades” presented by Peter Yantzer, director of American Gem Society Laboratories. The program will be held Wednesday, May 28 at 9:00 a.m. in the Sands Expo Conference Center.

A better understanding of the AGS cut grading system, based on cutting edge research, can help increase sales of fine goods that command the highest margins including AGS Triple Zeros, Yantzer said.

“AGS Cut Grade Research has discovered that diamond beauty is a complex subject, involving the human visual system, stone cut proportions and illumination conditions,” he said. “A thorough understanding of these parameters, and the metrics that measure them, can help identify which cuts produce the best appearance.”

Cut is one of the most important factors in determining price, stated Yantzer, a Certified Gemologist, who, in addition to examining diamond optics, has also conducted research that shows the positive affect cut can have on a diamond’s value.

The AGS created its original Diamond Grading Standards in 1966 to further fulfill its mission of protecting the consumer. The AGS Laboratory opened in 1996, with Yantzer at the helm. The laboratory has become one of the leading diamond-grading facilities in the world, and issues the Diamond Quality Document, which is known for its complete grade on diamond cut, the Diamond Quality Report and the Diamond Consultation.

For more information regarding AGSL services, please call (702) 233-6120 or visit the AGSL website at www.agslab.com.

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