World Jewelry Center Attracts Four New Firms

Four more firms have signed letters of intent to occupy the planned World Jewelry Center in Las Vegas. The most recent additions are: I Do Diamonds, Giraux Fine Jewelry, International Gemological Institute, and Focus Business Management.

The WJC, being planned on a 4.5-acre site downtown, is being billed by stakeholders as the global center for the gem and jewelry industry.

“The leaders of these businesses have demonstrated great foresight by taking advantage of the opportunity to be part of what will become one of the world’s most significant one-stop wholesale and retail locations for the international jewelry trade,” said Bill Boyajian, WJC managing director.

Ruth Batson, executive director and CEO of the American Gem Society, which previously signed a letter of intent, said, “As residents of Las Vegas, we are delighted that the World Jewelry Center has appropriately chosen our hometown for this exciting project. The American Gem Society Lab’s phenomenal growth over the last few years has forced us to look at expanding our facilities.”

She added, “We believe that the World Jewelry Center is just the kind of pioneering project that can take our business to new heights.”

Designed by Altoon & Porter Architects, the WJC is a development of Probity International Corp. of Beverly Hills, Calif. The WJC will feature an office tower of more than 50 stories. Tenants will own their own subdivided space, and the trade tower will also include meeting and exhibition facilities, restaurants, and a private club and fitness center.

The tower’s upper floors will contain luxury residential condominiums with panoramic views. An adjacent three-story retail jewelry center will have a gem and jewelry museum and exhibition space that is open to the public. The retail center is being designed to educate and excite the general public about gems and jewelry by building confidence in the products designed and manufactured worldwide.

The WJC will cater to international and domestic retailers, manufacturers, dealers, and wholesalers in the gem, jewelry, and pearl industries. The WJC will also include state-of-the-art security; secure shipping and receiving; gem grading labs and educational facilities; trade associations; and plans for a dedicated Foreign Trade Zone.

With these additions, 15 companies and organizations have now signed onto the project.