World Gold Council launches second gold ‘Oscars’

The World Gold Council today announced the launch of its second Gold Virtuosi competition. Dubbed the “Oscars” for gold jewelry, the design contest is open to designers, students, retail jewelry designers and any others involved in the design or manufacture of gold jewelry around the world.

The closing date for sketches of entries is Dec. 20, with Jan. 9 being the first round of judging, which will narrow the field to a group of finalists, who will manufacture pieces for final judging.

Thirty winners will be chosen in two categories-design innovation and technology. The award presentation will take place at a presentation in Venice, Italy, in June. Winners will also receive global publicity and have the pieces take part in a world tour.

The first contest drew 1,200 entrants from 34 countries and granted awards to jewelers from 11 different countries.

Entrants this year are encouraged by the World Gold Council to incorporate the concepts of warmth, sensuality and spirituality. Additionally, entrants into the technology category will be judged on originality in technical craftsmanship, including alternative textures and finishes.

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