Women Want Diamonds for Valentine’s Day

Women’s expectations for a romantic Valentine’s Day will be mostly unfilled, according to a Jewelry.com survey.

The Web site, which connects jewelers with national, multi-channel jewelry retailers, asked several hundred women what they want for Valentine’s Day and what they expect to receive. Its findings include:
* Money isn’t everything. It’s the thought that counts this year with more than 50 percent of woman surveyed noting that this Feb. 14 all they wanted was a romantic surprise or a simple card/flowers/ chocolate.

* Unfortunately almost half (47.4 percent) also noted that what they expected was “disappointment” or “something he picks up last minute.”

* When it comes to “how much to spend—38.4 percent said their partner usually spends no more than $99, with 30 percent responding he spends a big fat $0.

* However, this year’s struggling economic is bringing guys and gals closer together with 39 percent saying they agree with the men and suggesting he spend no more than $99. On the other hand 24 percent of women disagreed stating “the sky” should be the limit when it comes to the Valentine’s budget.

“It seems Cupid’s more budget-conscious than ever this year,” said Virginia Halevi, editor-in-chief of Jewelry.com, which attracts an average of 3.5 million unique visitors a month. “Each year, the survey shows the disconnect between expectations and reality, but this year, what really surprised us is that women have lowered their financial expectations—even on Valentine’s Day. They many want diamond jewelry, but they want cost-conscious diamond jewelry.”

More than half of those surveyed said they’d like “cupid” to bring them a piece of diamond jewelry, with rubies being the second favorite, garnering 16 percent of votes. And if he won’t bring it, she will, according to the survey.

Almost 30 percent of women stated in the past, they’ve “Valentined” themselves with some self-gifting. About 90 percent said they bought themselves a piece of jewelry as a way to say “I love myself.”

We also asked “What’s Your Idea of The Perfect Valentine’s Gift?” From a kids-free night to sex and steak. No one mentioned card/flowers or disappointment. The most popular answer was jewelry.

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