Women in the Know: Society Influences Jewelry Trends

Jewelry trends spring from changes in society and consumer attitudes, said Paola De
Luca, cofounder and creative director of TJF Group, at the 2011 Women
in the Know conference, presented by the Women’s Jewelry Association in New
York City Jan. 6.
“Trends don’t come from the catwalk like people think they do. Trends don’t
come from trade shows. They are a result of what’s happening,” De Luca said.
“They are a result of environmental issues and political issues.”

The industry can expect four trend categories in 2011, according to TJF: less essential,
memoire, dreamscaping, and funk spoke.
“Less essential” means getting back to simplicity. “People want less but want
better,” De Luca said, singling out white metal, ceramic, pearls, opals, and
rock crystals. “There’s a see-through concept that includes transparency and
clarity,” she said.
In addition, De Luca said the concept of recycling will continue to grow.
“Designers may go to a factory’s closet and pick up leftover stones and
chains,” she said.
The memoire category has a vintage and historical aesthetic that includes lace,
large medallions, and feathers. “It is more feminine without being intimidated
by the other sex,” she said.
De Luca described the dreamscaping trend as a desire for escape with an
emphasis on color. “There’s explosions of like-colored stones,” she said, citing theater, arts, and ballet as the category’s inspiration.
De Luca ended her presentation by quickly explaining the funk spoke category as
graphic and funky jewelry that could include charms, symbols, and geometrics:
“It’s a way to express yourself and tell a story.”

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