WJC Managing Director Meets with Israeli Jewelry Industry Leaders

World Jewelry Center managing director Bill Boyajian visited Israel Dec. 17–19 for a series of meetings and presentations to explain the WJC project to members of the Israeli diamond, gemstone, and jewelry industry.

“We were excited by the response from our Israeli friends to the idea of an all-encompassing jewelry trade center in Las Vegas,” Boyajian said. “We have already received several signed letters of intent for space in the office tower, and we expect many more in the coming weeks.

Boyajian told the Israeli diamantaires and other jewelry business leaders is that a key benefit of doing business in the WJC is its anticipated designation as a “Foreign Trade Zone,” which allows for goods to enter Las Vegas duty-free and remain that way until sold.

Boyajian also spoke about Nevada’s business-friendly environment and favorable tax laws, the more than 40 million shopping-minded people who visit Las Vegas annually, and the city’s state-of-the-art communications and transportation systems.

“The World Jewelry Center will truly be a global marketplace, and we are seeking participation from every area of the international gem, jewelry, pearl, and watch industries,” Boyajian said. “With the commitments we already have from businesses in the U.S., Asia, India, and Polynesia, and many more in the offing, we’re seeing a global reach for the World Jewelry Center that we want to build on.”

Occupants of the WJC will own subdivided space in the 60-story trade tower, which will have meeting and exhibition facilities, international restaurants, a private club, and a fitness center. The tower’s top floors will be dedicated to luxury residential condominiums with panoramic views. The adjacent three-story retail jewelry center will have a world-class gem and jewelry museum and exhibition space open to the public. The retail center will house some sixty quality jewelry stores with differentiated products targeted to the middle and upper middle segment of the consumer market. The retail center will be designed to educate and excite the general public about gems and jewelry by building confidence in the products designed and manufactured from around the globe.

Other amenities supporting jewelry businesses in the WJC will include state-of-the-art security, secure shipping and receiving, gem grading labs, educational facilities, and trade associations. For more information, visit www.worldjewelrycenter.com.