WILMA! Necklaces to Celebrate the 50th Birthday of The Flintstones

The Flintstones are 50 today! Mark the occasion with a Bedrock-inspired design worthy of Wilma’s admiration. What’s included? Big rocks, bold looks, and organic-looking styles that cave women and cutting-edge design lovers alike would wear.

Charles Albert Jewelry

Titanium-treated colorless and Mystic quartz in silver;
$2,000. Charles Albert



Carved amethyst bead and 18k yellow gold Lantern necklace; $15,000. Syna


Jewels of Ocean

White baroque South Seas pearl necklace, featuring
pearls ranging in size from 17 mm to 30 mm;  $240,000. Jewels of Ocean, raymond@jewelsofocean.com


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