Why a Jeweler Would Sell Perfume

It’s always interesting when jewelry retailers expand into
non-jewelry products. Tiffany now manufactures handbags. And Ben Bridge just
unveiled its first scent, “Flawless.”

Lisa Bridge, the company’s director of education, told me
that introducing a perfume was a “logical next step” for the Seattle-based 73-store chain.

“We have candy, coffee, in our stores, but smell was never
part of the experience,” she explains. “We wanted to have a signature scent.”

“Perfume is similar to jewelry in that it is tied to
emotion,” she continues. “We want to associate the joy of giving and receiving
jewelry with this scent that is special.”

The perfume bottle itself is diamond-shaped, and, of course,
the name connotes jewelry. A veteran fragrance designer put the scent

“We thought a lot about what the company stands for and what
we wanted it to smell like,” Bridge notes. “The first thing most people say it
is it smells fresh. It is a very high quality perfume. The ingredients that are
in it are the same ingredients that are in bottles that cost $130, $150. It is
a tremendous value at $85.”

And so far, she says, it’s doing well.

Read more on the
Ben Bridge blog.

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