Who Have You Made Feel Special Lately?

We all want gifts that make us feel special. Isn’t that why people give jewelry rather than vacuum cleaners as gifts? We can all think about the work that needs to be done, but what about the time to feel special? How many customers venture into a retail jewelry store hoping to find that stimuli that will make them feel special . . . and successfully do so? Jewelry shoppers are commonly presented with countless items that sparkle and intrigue them. Shoppers are equally confronted with the possible price of each of these alluring items. These are common outcomes for any shopper entering a jewelry store. What really makes visiting a jewelry store unique and valuable is when the customer feels special. Marketing studies on the jewelry industry have identified that feeling special is one of the top rewards women report when they wear jewelry. Fashion has long been identified as a means for projecting to society how we want others to view us. Jewelry is the dominant accessory in any outfit that can make a person feel special. So what is so difficult about using the ability to make someone feel special in a sales presentation? How does the jewelry complement the potential buyer’s appearance? Consider how an acknowledgment by the owner or general manager can sometimes make a shopper feel special.Try a little tenderness if you want customers to feel special in your store. Be delicate and soft in your approach to qualifying them. Develop a professional approach to showing compassion and empathy. Yes, empathy. Feel their pain when they say they can’t afford a piece, but be professional to understand the difference between I don’t have the money . . . and I don’t have the money for your jewelry. Match their wallet with their need to feel special with the right piece. Isn’t that the real intersection of value?

Jewelry is the gift that we all can give to others and to ourselves that can top the charts in making each of us feel special. Everyone wants to feel special . . . even if they are just leisurely shopping and happen into a jewelry store. Some shoppers have become motivated to make a purchase just because a sales person took the time to show them jewelry pieces and make them feel special. Making others feel special has definite personal and professional benefits. Who have you made feel special lately?

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