White Synthetic Over A Carat?

From a recent Gems and Gemology e-brief, this strikes me as significant:

For the first time, the New York lab has identified a near-colorless CVD-grown diamond larger than a carat that was submitted for grading.

This 1.05 ct pear shape (9.81 x 5.95 x 3.06 mm) was color-graded as equivalent to G. In addition to pinpoint inclusions, it contained some feathers and fractures along the girdle, and its clarity grade was equivalent to I1. … Photoluminescence spectra collected at liquid-nitrogen temperature with laser excitations from the UV to IR regions revealed features typical of a CVD synthetic diamond, and this identification is consistent with its other properties.

Clearly, CVD synthetic diamonds of better quality and size are being produced as the growth techniques continue to improve.

CVD lab-grown diamonds spook the industry more than other types of synthetics because they are colorless. But for a long time, Apollo, the company that produces them, was unable to make diamonds of significant size; when I talked to them a few years back, they said that most of their production was below half a carat.We don’t know who is behind this diamond, but it appears that may have changed.

JCK News Director