Where is Your Target Market Hanging Out?

Reaching today’s younger consumers is more challenging than ever before. Younger folks are not watching television, listening to the radio or reading newspapers like past generations. Knowing how to find younger consumers targeted for jewelry sales is of paramount importance for both brick and click jewelry retailers as well as brand marketers.  

Social networking has been around for generations, but the new twist is the one to many communications that technology has made available.  Each generation has its own language so to speak. Considering the language of  a targeted audience is a means to more effective marketing communications. One way to  better relate with younger folks is to stay current  on some of the hip lingo and phrases that they use.  Check out the site urban dictionary at http://www.urbandictionary.com/.  This is a slang dictionary written by the masses. A great example of  the diversity of how social networking is being applied today.

Want to find a great example of finding targeted customers of jewelry? Go to urbandictionary.com and click on j for jewelry. You won’t find a listing for jewelry, but you will find a great example of a jewelry company that understands how to find their targeted customers.  While the advertisement is very traditional in the creative approach to content both graphically and in the copy; the placement of the ad was very non-traditional.  The selction of media for the advertisement is a great example of smart marketing in the 21st century.  Finding where your target market is “hanging out” is part of 21st century marketing and certainly applies to jewelry marketing.

Where have you been surprised to find jewelry ads on the internet or in other media?

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